Breakfast and Tests

Drake held Splendid close. Then when she brought his hand to her stomach he nodded. "Yes, love... ours... And I'll do everything to keep you both safe... I promise."

Then he curled up next to her and fell asleep. In the morning, he smelled another fine meal waiting for them and stirred Splendid awake. "Come on... You need to eat. You're eating for two now." He smiled and kissed her neck.


Hilary's eyes looked down to his hand, the touch sending a shock through her as she gazed back up to his eyes. "Well congratulations on getting us here... and thanks for not letting me die." She then laid back as a grin curled her lips. The thought of him taking her right there was an enticing one. She kept meeting his gaze. "Now the question is what do you plan to do with me? I'm one of the "monkeys" as K37 is so fond of saying... and I did some not-nice things to you... Remember?" She wanted to tease him with that.


Tad sneered at Yazul. So he was the one getting babysat? This was demeaning.

Tad opted to ignore it and instead focus on the task at hand, they had a handful of escaped experiments, and one big monster rampaging through the city. It was up to the Keter recovery teams to take care of that abomination that Orion made.

Yazul and him would be heading after Ren and the experiments.

They found the truck easily enough, however Tad was already thinking they were on a wild goose chase. No way Ren and even that lizard were stupid enough to drive the truck to a place that'd lead them to being captured... He knew there were people in the city, bleeding hearts, who tried to save escaped experiments before. He'd raided apartments, city sewer lines, subway trams... They always seemed to get bolder with each day.

But he wanted to see if Yazul would notice. This was to see if this freak was up to snuff...

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