Things To Come...

The wolf was suddenly snarling inside Ren's head as he gazed down at Hilary Barenbaum. Practically presenting herself to him, she had this little grin on her face that was already driving him crazy. He and the wolf both had to agree that yes, she had done something "not nice" to him, but he had also enjoyed it.

He wanted it again.

Without a second thought, Ren was pushing between her legs, a hand gripping her neck tight enough to hold her down, but she would still be able to breathe and speak. Pale blue eyes darkened as his free hand slid up along her hip.

They both knew what he was going to do to her for the rest of the night...


When morning came, Al heard the soft voice of Kitty and slipped from his attic. Closing the door, he went to their room and knocked. "Al heard young Kitty speak. Are Kitty and miss Bird decent?" He asked calmly from the hallway. The large alligator male would not open the door without permission from the girls simply because he wanted to respect their privacy. "There is breakfast if you wish for some. Do you like pancakes?"


Splendid followed Drake to the kitchen where Mama Mary was currently scrambling up some eggs and humming calmly. She was in a pair of shorts and a tank top that revealed she was far less human than they initially thouht. Her skin was not skin, but a shimmering metal that the wolverine girl had heard creak with every movement the woman made last night.

"Not...human?" Splendid asked as she sat at the table.

Ren was already there, reading through some notes that Hilary had given him last night after their time in bed. His wolf ears constantly twitched and turned, listening for anything that might be a danger to any of them.

"I'm mostly machine, darlin'." Mary explained as she put the eggs onto a plate. "Was helpin' Al escape when I got hit by a truck. Boy saved me and about scared the crap outta tha rest of the crew with his demands for 'em to help me." A soft chuckle escaped her.

"I'm guessing you still have a human brain, right?" Ren asked absently.

"Yes, but that is all that is human in me now." She said with a shrug before getting back to work. "Anything specific you and Splendid wish to eat, Drake?"


Yazul was stepping around the truck, ignoring Tad as he sniffed around and tilted his head. Opening the back, he looked around until he noted something in the corner. Walking over to it, he picked up the small feather. Flashes of memories crossed his mind, of William examining a girl named Bird when she was smaller.

"Bird," He muttered and tucked the feather away in a pocket before returning to Tad. "Truck smells too much of humans," He stated. "The animals got off somewhere else."



Orion tapped away at his computer and brought up a few small screens that floated around him. They were video feeds of the city above. He could see that beastly creature he set loose as it skulked along through another alleyway in one, while in another he was watching Tad and Yazul argue about where to go. The one that perked his interest the most, though, was of a house where he could see a girl with wings staring out a window.

He could easily call up Tad and let him know where they had gotten off to, but what would be the fun in denying Yazul a good hunt. His brother had not been free for so long and wanted so badly to be outside. The Head Scientist could not deny him that.

Turning his eyes toward his bed, he almost smiled at the dark skinned girl lying there. She should be dead, should be ashes in the incinirator, but no. He had gotten a hold of her before William started the fire and had brought her back with something special. It was a gift to the little subject and in exchange she was giving him whatever he wanted.

She would prove far more useful than ever later on.

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