I Want Two Eggs and Hashbrowns... Extra Bacon...

Hilary was both thrilled and surprised by how quickly Ren had hopped into bed with her. Yet she knew she'd yearned for his return. She'd enjoyed the first time but this time it was different. She was at his mercy. The way he looked at her, like he could kill her in a heartbeat but instead pleasured her made the whole exchange all the more...


Hilary found herself doing something she hadn't before in all the time she'd ever had sex with someone... she enjoyed herself.

When morning came, her side and loins ached something fierce. Yet Hilary had an internal smile as she laid in bed and thought of that night.

Yeah, she was hooked.


Drake sniffed the cooking food and couldn't help but smile. "Eggs sound good. Though is there any bacon? I'm a carnivore after all..." Then his nose picked up the scent of pancakes and he practically groaned. "Though those smell wonderful too." He looked to Splendid. "Have you ever had pancakes?" He asked. Wondering if the poor girl had ever had anything better than the lousy processed food they fed the experiments at the lab. He recalled a time when he'd been lucky enough to "convince" the staff to provide better food for him and getting pancakes was one of the few things that had proven worth it for cooperating.

That and getting to keep Splendid.


Tad wasn't impressed. It wasn't surprising that Orion had upgraded Yazul with various experiment traits. He merely crossed his arms and leaned against the truck. "Yeah, you get a lot of sympathizers out there. They keep smuggling lesser experiments out and hiding them. They like to hide underground usually. Which means sewers..." Tad hated having to go into the sewers. "We might be able to determine where they got out from the drone footage though, and from there try and sniff them out. What do you think?"

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