A confused expression crossed Splendid's face when Drake mentioned the pancakes. "Pan...cake?" She tried the word, it coming out all scratchy as she touched at her stomach and sniffed at all the food. Scrambled eggs and bacon were already being made along with a lot of other foods she did not recognize, including these pancakes her mate had mentioned.

Ren looked up to Drake and sighed heavily. "Sorry to say, but she never got even any real meat while she was down there, Drake." He explained with a frown. "I tried to convince them to a few times, but...she was kept purely on protein and some other healthy stuff the doctors were always injecting into her system." His frown deepend. He remembered those experiments and how badly Splendid had been treated.

It was no wonder the girl barely spoke. They had tortured her beyond repair.

"Have her try a little of everything she finds interesting." The wolf finally said as he sipped some coffee. "When Hilary and the others get in here we'll have to talk about what to do next. My top priority is keeping all of you safe and away from whoever or whatever they send after us."

If he had to, Ren knew he would let them drag him back to the facility if it kept these experiments safe. Something in his gut just said he would...

Once everyone was in the kitchen and had eaten their fill, they would start talking about the next move and get a better understanding of the city from Mama Mary.


Yazul turned his gaze to Tad and snorted irritably. "I already looked at the footage on the drones. Useless..." He growled out, recalling how the drones had been destroyed. "Only lead is the sewers." At least one had seen what Tad so graciously pointed out.

It was getting hard to resist the temptation to rip out this human's throat. Defiant, foolish, and probably bullet happy, he could get them into deep shit. So could Yazul, though. If he did not keep the thing inside this new body under control, he would create a blood bath.

And as much as he wanted to do that, he knew what Orion would do.

"We head to the sewers." Yazul stated.

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