Splendid tried each piece of food, enjoying it all, but the moment she tasted the pancakes, a big smile crossed her face and she could not stop herself frome ating more of them. "Good!" She spoke between bites, ears twitching happily.

Al chuckled as he walked into the kitchen and made himself a big plate, hugging Mama Mary as he did so. It was obvious how much he respected the android of a woman. "Al eats and then he will go check everything, talk to connections." He explained as he took his plate out of the room and went down the hall.

"What's he doing?" Ren asked as he took a bite of eggs.

"He's going to speak to one of our many connections, see if we can get you to better accomodations. Being here is too dangerous because we're too close to the entrance of that damned facility." Mama Mary explained and got to work at cleaning up. As someone without a need for food, she was always happy to keep busy.

Ren nodded in understanding before looking to Hilary. His blue eyes glanced down toward that beautiful place between her legs, lips twitching into a slight smirk. The night had been long and enjoyable for them both - something he had made sure of - but he hoped she would soon take notice to the deep bites on her neck. They were his sign to her that she was his and no one elses.

"So what's the plan? We can't stay here, sadly. The lab is going to send a recovery squad after us..." And she didn't want to go back that lab any more than they did. While her goals were still her own, they did have a mutual one that benefitted from cooperation.

A frown crossed Ren's face. "Well, Mary is working on that." He answered. "More like Al is, but still...we'll be moving forward once he gets back, I'm sure." Beneath the table, his tail slipped around her waist and caressed against her thigh. "I'll start looking for better places so we can all stay hidden too."

With that said, he took another sip of coffee.


Yazul turned his gaze to Tad with a snort. "My nose will be of no use down there with all the water and many disgusting smells of human excrement." He explained with a sickening chuckle, eyes flashing the same way Orion's often did. "I'm sure I know who they went to, though...I'll enjoy seeing that bitch again."

Turning, he started into the sewer with the team.


Orion was helping Amber adjust her shirt so it could accomodate for her wings. Simple buttons and straps made it easy enough to adjust and when she gazed up at him, he offered her a strange smile. "Don't worry, dear," He explained and brushed back a lock of her pale hair. "You will see your lover soon enough...and this time you can actually give birth to his offspring."

A simple nod was all she gave in response.

"Good, you feel it?" He inquired with a gesture toward a door they faced. "Tell me what it sees, what it's feeling."

"Hunger...anger..." Amber murmured as her eyes seemed to shine. There was a distant look in them and she could see from within a dark alleyway, watching humans walk by the entrance. Heavy footfalls crunched down on something and whent the gaze fell down, she saw a half eaten corpse. "It wants to hunt, but the sunlight hurts..."

"Then find it and help it, Amber." Orion ordered. "You and the Beast are connected."

"Yes, sir," She answered with a smile.

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