No One Is There

Ren grumbled at the prospect of having to pretend he was human again. It was annoying and tiresome, even on the good days. "I guess I have no choice, really," He muttered and sipped his coffee. "I want to help you guys get somewhere safe, so I'll do it."

Getting to his feet, the wolf went over to the coffee pot and began to pour himself another cup. He could endure this if it meant he wasn't going back to that hell hole of a lab. A part of him just worried he would be going back there...

Splendid enjoyed the pancakes to the fullest, ending up with syrup on her face and the collar of her shirt. A blush crossed her scarred face as she tried to wipe it away, only to smear it further. "Mess..." She whimpered and looked to Drake.

Mama Mary laughed softly and gently pat Splendid on her head. "Oh, it's fine, dear. Syrup is always messy." Grabbing a napkin, she handed it to the wolverine girl and she slowly cleaned her pale face. "I have spare shirts you can use, hun. Come on."

With that said, the robotic woman went out of the room and stepped up a flight of stairs. Splendid hesitated and looked to Drake again before following the woman, her actions almost puppy-like as she did so.

When Splendid returned later, she was in a delicate cream colored lace dress, going right to Drake and hugging him. Mary returned as well and smiled. "She mentioned being pregnant and that dress will leave room for her belly to grow." She explaind calmly. "I have a few others that I put in a small suitcase by the front door."

With a gentle grasp of his hand, the scar covered girl gently pulled it to her stomach, smiling up to him.


"Yes, I do," Yazul sneered as he followed a long path through the sewer. To him, it was just another obstacle to his goal. "Just come on, you fool."

By the time they arrived, though, everyone would be gone, except for Mama Mary.

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