Get Comfortable

The next place they arrived in was a little run down looking, but had a lot of rooms and space so everyone could have their own room. The entire place was obviously old, but sturdy.

"You stay here." Al explained with a kind smile. "It's safe and no one knows about it. Just a place owned by rich man who has no need for it." Shrugging, the alligator man gestured to the kitchen. "Fully stocked, each room has beds, blankets, pillows and other things people need."

"Thanks," Ren muttered as he stepped to the kitchen and took stock. "Kitty and Bird, go ahead and find rooms, okay?" He called over his shoulder and both girls rushed off to do just that. "There anywhere Bird can fly without freaking anyone out?"

"Anywhere." Al answered with a smile.

"What?" Splendid murmured and went to look at the rooms.

"Many people use fake wings and fly in city. Above city. We get flying permit for Bird and she get to fly freely!" The alligator explained with a smile. "I return to Mama Mary. You get comfortable. There are three bathrooms."

As Al left, Ren could not help but grimace as he looked to Hilary. "Something tells me three bathrooms are not going to be enough for this family..."

Finding a fairly large room with a big bed, Splended went back to Drake and pulled him along. "Bed...bed..." She said with a smile. There was excitement in her eyes as she thought of all the things they could do in that bed.


Mary glared at Yazul and Tad. "Rip me apart, torture whatever you wish, but I will not tell you anything." She seethed.

"That so?" Yazul said with a smirk and stepped forward. Gripping onto Mama Mary's neck, he allowed claws to form on his free hand and began to cut at her clothes, revealing her mostly metal body. Her limbs and almost her entire torso and neck were pure metal - robotic. There were places, very private places, that were not made of metal.

"Still got the body they gave you, huh?" Yazul chuckled and tapped her bosom with a claw. "My brother would love to have you come back home!"

A hint of fear flashed through her eyes, but was quickly replaced with defiance and anger. "Get out of my home, you bastard...I don't know who you think you are, but whoever your brother is will never have me back home to him! I have been a free woman my entire life."

"No, you belong to Orion Rammsteiner."

That fear returned and stayed this time as Mary glanced to Tad.

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