Attempting To Understand

Glaring at the guards, William waved them away. "Get out," He ordered in a rather cold tone. He was unhappy with these guards and how cruel they often were with the experiments. They were not just subjects, but people with emotions that felt pain.

Turning his attention to Kitty once they were gone, he took a moment to calm his anger. Stepping over to the table they had strapped her down to, he gently brushed her hair away from her face. "I apologize for how crude they were. The security here has no manners." He told her, his tone much kinder now. "Your file says you have snow leopard DNA. May I ask how that's been? Are you comfortable with your animal instincts or...should I attempt to make something to calm those down. You are almost at the age where puberty hits and for someone with animal DNA...I've seen what can happen."

He was trying to let Kitty know he meant no harm.

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