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Sarcasm Lost On The Wind

Mar 31, 2022, 9:57pm by Morphy514

Upon getting the call from Burke, Ikarus rolled his eyes and quickly made a decision to bring medical supplies just in case. Grabbing what he assumed he might need, the immortal man put it i ...

On A Windy Day In Deep Space...

Mar 31, 2022, 8:04pm by Avenuewriter

Burke sat in his captain's chair as the Miss Fortune approached a Saturn-type planet. The rings however were larger and more vibrant, the planet more looking like Jupiter with its sto ...

Off With Her Head

Nov 26, 2021, 2:10pm by Morphy514

"We will figure it out, I am sure," Teeth reassured her before hearing the screaming from inside the house. Ikarus' eyes went wide as he freed his sword and did a quick swipe at the woman ...

Not A Normal Town

Nov 24, 2021, 3:21pm by Avenuewriter

Erica sighed heavily as the a chill went down her spine. "I keep seeing a tree. I don't understand why..." She watched Ikarus enter the house and bit her lip as she tried to keep the rising ...

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