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Summary: The Monster Of A Man

Ikarus Venneroe

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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Colonists

Planet of Origin




Quick Healing
Physical Regeneration
Eidetic Memory
The Curse - An ability where his nails become silver and his hands/arms become blood red and can turn anything he cuts into dust. (The drawback is that it is very exhausting, so he rarely ever uses it)


The Loner Scientist

The Survivor


Physical Appearance

Standing at six feet tall, he is pale skinned with ocean blue eyes and brown hair with streaks of silver in it that reaches down to his shoulders in layers. He always wears a nice suit of some kind with a jacket, even if he's covered in blood. A single scar runs down the right side of his face, going through his eye.

Personality and interests

A quiet man who keeps himself isolated and watches others. He is known for his skills in science and due to his constant experimenting, he is often ostracized and labeled a "monster".

His interests are in knowing all the details...


Born and raised on Earth, many circumstances got him moving through space and landing on a planet where all hell broke loose.

Not much is really known about him since he never talks about himself.


A katana that is always held in hand.

Favorite Saying

"I do it because I can."

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Image of Ikarus Venneroe
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