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Summary: The weary captain of the Miss Fortune

Kenneth Burke

Gender: Male

Age: 43

Group: Crew of The Miss Fortune

Planet of Origin

Born and raised on Citadel Station


Captain of the Miss Fortune
Ex-Space Forces Colonel
Skilled soldier and leader



Physical Appearance

A tall man with short blonde hair that's beginning to gray at the temples. Often wears a medium length leather coat over a shirt and pants.

Personality and interests

A man simply wishing to keep his ship flying and to keep his belly full.


Was a colonel in the space forces until he quit due to a disagreement with protocol. He drifted from planet to planet, taking any job he could until he managed to win a ship in a poker game, the Miss Fortune, and opted to become a salvager and freelance cargo mover.

Now he tries to keep his ship fueled and his belly full. Often taking illegal jobs to do so.


Carries a plasma pistol as his main sidearm. Usually carries a plasma rifle when off the ship.

Favorite Saying

"No job is too small... The problems that come with them however..."

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Image of Kenneth Burke
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