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Summary: An engineer with a sunny disposition

Owlana Martins

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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Crew of The Miss Fortune

Planet of Origin

Born and raised on ships, so she's unsure where she's from.


Engineer of The Miss Fortune
Orphan Turned Engineering Genius
Skilled with an axe



Prefers the nickname "Owl" over her full name.

Physical Appearance

A pretty brunette with dark eyes that shift color depending on the light. She's petite, short, and always in shorts, a tank top, and a jacket with her signature combat boots.

Personality and interests

A cheerful and friendly girl that has never been easy to figure out, but her sunny disposition has helped many get through some tough times.

Her main interest is the engine, which she calls "Baby".


All her life she's worked on engines of every kind and carries around her own tools. When she got wind of Miss Fortune, she bugged the captain into letting her join him until she had to finally prove her skills by fixing the engine itself from a life threatening situation.

Ever since, she's been the loyal engineer that is no easy catch.


Engineering tools

Heavy bladed axe made of pure metal.

Favorite Saying

"You don't break Baby and I don't break you!"

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Image of Owlana Martins
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