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Summary: Perpetually unsurprised Navigator

Erica Green

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: Crew of The Miss Fortune

Planet of Origin

Lupus V


Limited Precognative Abilities
Cybernetic Enhancements to her frontal lobes to enhance her psychic abilities



Physical Appearance

A slender girl with short blonde hair and two small metal probes protruding form her temples that she usually covers up with her hair.

Personality and interests

Somewhat reserved and temperamental. She is often frustrated with her precognative abilities as it allows her brief glimpses into the future, though often leaves her not feeling surprised about anything.

She enjoys her work, surfing through FTL as a Navigator, and often wishes she could forever be adrift in space.


Born on Lupus V on a colony with poor protection from the solar radiation of the planet's blue giant star, she was one of the lucky children born with minimal mutations, and those she had gave her precognative abilities that grabbed the attention of the Space Forces who essentially provided a better life for her family in order to groom her to become a Navigator.

She was trained at a young age to become a Navigator, one who guides ships through FTL. As a navigator she could make any future she wished as they are in high demand.

Instead she opted to join salvager ships, looking for adventure in a world that she finds utterly predictable. Which led her to the Miss Fortune.


Usually carrying a datapad which she has linked to her cybernetic implants to keep her precognative flashes in check, to prevent them from overwhelming her.

Favorite Saying

"Nothing shocks me..."

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Image of Erica Green
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