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Summary: The Guard


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Gender: Male

Age: 22

Group: Colonists

Planet of Origin



An Experiment of Ikarus



Physical Appearance

A fair skinned man with white hair and amber eyes. He is covered in odd blood red markings that hide the many extra mouths along his arms, chest, and back, all filled with sharp teeth. His nails are essentially claws and he only wears a pair of black pants.

Personality and interests

A fairly calm creature that takes little interest in anything else other than guarding the lab for Ikarus.


As someone who was part of the colony in the city, Ikarus saved him near the beginning and stopped the disease from killing him, but the cost was his humanity. Now he lives as a guard for Ikarus and thrives on animalistic instincts.


An old locket he hides in a pocket of his pants.

Favorite Saying


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Image of Teeth
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