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Summary: The Lone Soldier

Scarlet Emmerson

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Gender: Female

Age: 35

Group: Space Forces

Planet of Origin

Saturn Stations


Skilled Tactician


Tactical Sniper


Physical Appearance

Light pink hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. She's a fairly tall woman and has strange scars along her back that follow her spine and the rig she often wears to keep her back supported.

Personality and interests

A serious and tight lipped woman who wants to hunt down and kill any threats. She was abandoned by her crewmen, who died on the planet Ikarus resides. She currently survives and hunts down Ikarus for the Corporation, but is slowly losing sight of her goal as she tries to stay alive.


She grew on one of the space stations around Saturn and quickly began her training for the Space Forces at an early age all because she wanted to see everything possible. What she did not expect was her skills to be so well known it would get her sent on a suicide mission to capture Ikarus.

Upon arriving on the planet rumored to have Ikarus on it, her crewmen chose betrayal and cowardice, leaving her behind to rot.


Sniper Rifle
Plasma Cutter

Favorite Saying

"I don't trust anyone."

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Image of Scarlet Emmerson
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