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This is an old character & has been deleted.

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Summary: Gruff old man, who just wants his rum, a good woman or three, and then a 36 hour nap.


Gender: Male

Age: 65

Group: Crew of The Miss Fortune

Planet of Origin

Planet Mars


Deep space salvage
Can wirelessly connect to foreign AIs
Cybernetic augmentation (has an AI in his brain)
Loves a good nap



Physical Appearance

Average height. Short, graying brown hair. Mostly grey beard that he really should trim up a bit. Upon close inspection, one eye is artificial. Wears a bulky tool belt.

Personality and interests

Abrams is past his prime and he knows it. Concensus (his onboard AI) certainly reminds him of it often enough. He's gruff, drinks perhaps a little too much, but is a generally likeable guy. He can occasionally be seen zoning out or staring into space, but that's senility setting in. Some call it being lost in the machine. It's when an AI equipped operator is digging through excessive data... or possibly arguing with the other voice in his head.


Abrams has done a lot of things in his life. Most legal, a few not. In those dealings, he's managed to rack up a few debts... the kind that you really SHOULD pay off.


Colt 1911
Tool belt

Favorite Saying

Damn it, I was napping!

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Image of Abrams
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