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Summary: The Sweet Wife of Ikarus


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Gender: Female

Age: Unknown - Looks 20

Group: Crew of The Miss Fortune

Planet of Origin



Job: Experiment/Wife

Skills: Heightened senses.
Claws that can cut through metal.


The Wife

The Calming One

Physical Appearance

A young looking woman with deformities on her left side that have gotten her labeled "monster" by people.

Personality and interests

Very kind and loving. She is very motherly and is always trying to help.

Her interests are flowers, puzzles, and her husband.


Before becoming an "experiment" for Ikarus, she was his wife that died in a horrible way to people that called her a monster. Her husband did not wish for her to die, so he worked and worked to the bone until he could bring her back...


A Sleeping Chamber Box

Favorite Saying

"I'm here because he loves me."

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