Trust, The Key To Any Successful Relationship

Burke stared at the screen, the sight of Ikarus and his supposed wife making him feel a pang of guilt as he did not expect such a personal connection between Ikarus and the creature in the box. Once again, Ikarus was revealing a side of himself that the captain did not anticipate.

Kye could not stop the laugh that escaped him. "Did you hear that, Aurora?!" He said with a big grin. "That monster has a wife."

Yet Burke wanted to rebuke the young redhead's statement. Monsters did not know love. Yet it was plain to see that Ikarus cared greatly for his beloved. However, Burke held his tongue and instead made his way to the cargo bay. He was painfully aware that it was likely that Ikarus would rip him to pieces the moment he showed his face after threatening to vent him and his wife into space, but now it was time to work towards building trust.

After all, Ikarus was instrumental in getting them off that godforsaken planet.

Burke reached Owl and placed a hand on her shoulder to calm her down. "Why did you feel the need to hide your wife from us, Ikarus?"

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