Following The Captain

Before Burke could leave, Ikarus snorted. "And what of Teeth. He should be as much a part of your crew as my wife and I." Turning, he helped Aura into a dress that was stored away in the box she had been sleeping in. Her lithe form easily fit into it as she smiled to him the entire time, a look of pure love in her eyes.

Teeth smiled at the sight before looking to Burke and making his way to the main deck as well. His amber eyes flitted around at everyone else, the many mouths along his arms and chest opening and closing as if tasting the air. "Interesting place..." He muttered with a tilt of his head. "I like it."

Kye was already in the main deck, sitting and cleaning his favorite pair of pistols. "What you need to talk to us about captain?" He inquired and noted how Owl was still holding onto Burke's arm tightly.


It took a long time before he finally came up to the main deck with his wife, but Ikarus did eventually arrive. His arm was around her waist, touch surprisingly gentle as he helped her watch each step with her odd limp. Due to her odd deformity, she continued to have a hard time walking, her clawed hand gripping onto his shirt as she watched where she was going.

"I hope we are not too late." Aura spoke kindly. "I prefer to walk right after getting out of the cryo-box. It helps me get everything moving again.

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