Annoying Pinky

Teeth had followed the others and smiled upon hearing Burke's words. "Ikarus is not a bad man and Aura is very good woman." He admitted before noticing Erica. Tilted his pale haired head to the side, he examined the odd girl with obvious curiosity. The look on her face suggested something was wrong, but being what he was made it rather difficult to read.

"Nope, no questions," Kye said as he kept working on his guns. Keeping them clean and well maintained was one of the things he loved to do. In fact, he did this for everyone's weapons now. It was why he had gotten permission to join the crew. Having Aurora's extra help and her skills was only another plus for them.

Hell, if it had not been for Aurora they might have lost Owl at once point. The red headed woman was very good with that staff of hers.

Scarlet, however, did have questions. "Yeah, why are you so comfortable allowing these monsters to become part of your crew?" She hissed, gesturing to Ikarus, Aura, and even Teeth. "One is an immortal psychopath that has reincarnated his wife, who, might I add, looks as if she is one of those things we fought back on the planet!"

A pained expression crossed Aura's face, but she said nothing.

"And then there is that thing!" Scarlet pointed right at Teeth, who was busy trying to get his wild hair out of his face. "Who needs that many mouths?! What even the fuck is he?!"

"I am Teeth, a man." Teeth answered with a slight smile, but his eyes were still on Erica Green. "I am not monster. I am man. May I speak to the pretty one?" He gestured to the girl he was staring at.

Owl let out a hefty sigh and smacked the back of Scarlet's head. "Ya ain't ever heard-a bein' nice, have ya, pinky?" She asked in a surprisingly stern voice. "Why dontcha go ta yer room an' get some rest?"

"I think pinky needs to get laid." Kye chuckled.

"Oh, shut it, sister fucker!" Scarlet snapped.

"I can't," The red head's grin broadened. "She likes it when I'm noisy."

That brought a blush to the pink haired woman's face. "You all vulgar!" She practically screamed before stomping off to the rooms he had been given that was more like a closet.

"Why do ya antagonize her, Kye?" Owl asked.

The shit eating grin never left Kye's face. "It got her to leave, didn't it?"


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