Just A Pit Stop

Burke frowned at Scarlet the entire time she went off on her little tirade. Fact of the matter was that she wasn't part of the crew, she was the only one he'd not agreed to let stay on the ship. And come next port, she was gone. He'd had enough of her attitude and the fact she was a fed, and one capable of wiping out an entire planet at that, was enough to want her gone. Then he looked to Owl, the sudden talk of people needing to get laid made his own urges become acutely known to him as he drank her in.

There had been a moment he was certain she was going to be lost to him. Even now he recalled that harrowing moment. And it spurred him on to move close to her and whisper: "I need to talk to you, in private, just come to my quarters..."

Burke had had enough, the universe was a cruel and unforgiving place, but it had spared Owl and now Burke wasn't going to let his age or the fact he was her captain stop him from what he really wanted.

When Owl did meet him in his quarters, he didn't waste time finally admitting that he wanted her as he took her in his arms and kissed her firmly.

What followed nearly rivaled the cacophony that typically came from the twins' quarters... Though similar sounds were heard in Erica's as Teeth showed that having some extra mouths did have their advantages...


Things had quietly settled on board the Miss Fortune. Burke was now sat in his suspended captain's chair on the bridge looking over the star charts when he nodded and pressed a few buttons on the arm of his chair to plot the new course.

"We're headed to a little colony just on the edge of civilized space: Charybdis. It's a modest little colony, I've been there numerous times. We can get supplies, rest, and refuel before heading back out into the black." Burke explained.

Charybdis was indeed a rather nice-looking world. Green verdant forests spanned most of the main continent. Even as the Miss Fortune landed in the port the place was brimming with natural beauty. However an eerie calm soon set in as the crew disembarked. For one, the colony's air traffic control had not hailed them as they landed. It had been dead silent the entire way down. Now no one was coming to greet them. The place was awfully quiet.

Burke frowned. "Okay... Let's check in at the port authority and see why things are so dead around here." He led the group through to processing where automated systems tagged them and processed their ID signatures. However no one came to process them through the checkpoint. The desk at the end was unoccupied, and still the place was horribly silent."

Erica grabbed at her head now and frowned as she got strange visions. "Something is wrong... I..." She grabbed for Teeth's arm. She kept getting flashes of a bone white tree with red leaves. A wave of pure rage surged through her and she whimpered in pain. "Captain... This place..."

Burke looked to Erica and immediately knew this place was FUBAR. "Alright, everyone back to the ship, on the double."

Making their way back to the ship they were met with the sound of alarms. Burke stopped in his tracks and looked to the defense towers that overlooked the port and saw the guns turn and take aim at their beloved ship. "Take cover!" Burke called out as the turrets fired at the Miss Fortune.

The explosion rocked the port and sent any not taking cover flying. The Miss Fortune was, sadly, now a smoldering wreckage on the landing pad.

Burke had a pained look on his face as he watched his home and livelihood burn to cinders. But he stood tall then looked to his crew. "Guess we're staying for a while..." He went back into the port authority checkpoint and pushed his way through to the colony proper. "We need to find out what the hell's going on." He looked to Ikarus. "I trust you to take a couple of people and search the colony's civilian sector and find anyone you can who can explain what the hell is going on here. I'm gonna take Owl and the twins with me to the military sector. If we're getting shot at, I want weapons that can pack a bigger punch. Plus maybe we can determine why we just lost our home... Everyone clear on what they're supposed to do?"

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