Keep Your Paws To Yourself

Ikarus nodded in calm understanding as Aura kept close to him. Grabbing what looked to be a map of the place, he took the time to memorize it before handing it over to Burke. "Come," He stated to those that would follow. "I'll keep you safe is anything comes at us."

Scarlet scowled. "What about me?"

Ikarus stopped to gaze at the pinkette. "Stay here and keep watch over Luna and Synia. You'll just cause trouble..." Holding onto his wife's hand, he began to make his way to the civilian sector with Teeth and Erica trailing behind him.


Owl was busy calming both Luna and Synia, explaining how things would be okay. "We'll figure this out, girls. Just stay here with Scarlet and keep her out of trouble."

Kye chuckled as he leaned on the wall next to Aurora. "We got your back, Burke." He stated in a cool tone, also looking over the map. "The place seems simple enough, but what the fuck happened here is anyone's guess. Hope it's not like what happened at the last place."

"If it is, I'll have to deal with this planet as well." Scarlet snapped.

"How about you sit down and keep your paws to yourself, bitch?" Kye practically snarled at Scarlet. "You almost got everyone killed with that stunt." He pulled each gun free and made sure it was properly loaded. Even his sniper rifle was ready to do some serious damage with the special bullets he used.

Owl stepped over to Burke as the red head and the pinkette argued. "What if it did happen again, Ken?" She asked him in a whisper, leaning in close to him.

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