Uneasy Calm

Erica regained her composure as she followed Ikarus and the others to the civilian sector. She still couldn't get the feeling something enraged out of her head. The tree was a constant image in her subconscious as well. But what could it mean? Erica looked to Teeth, a newfound sense of comfort in this bitter world they found themselves in, she sighed and looked around at the prefab housing units that were set up in rows of twelve for quite a ways through the colony.

"Should we just knock?" Erica pondered aloud. Yet it was clear the place was just as deserted as the rest of the colony. "Where is everyone?" She one again pondered aloud.


"I agree with Kye," Burke said. "No wiping out planets for you today, ma'am. You're gonna stay here and watch the kids." He added a sneer to punctuate the sentence. Then he looked to Owl as she leaned into him. He felt a calming warmth from her as she pressed to him. Just having her around was a balm to him. He smiled at her and kissed her cheek. "If something is crawling around we'll do what we did before: shoot them until they're dead, and then get the hell out of here... somehow..." He frowned and looked to the twins. "You two ready to move?"

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