Inspection and Plans

Ikarus looked around at the houses, grip tightening on his sword. "Stay with them, Aura." He instructed softly to his wife before going to one of the houses. Noting the door was partially opened already, he used the sheath of his sword to push it open. In his line of work, the immortal had learned long ago to always expect the unexpected.

This place was no different.

Teeth grimaced and kept Erica close. "You are uncomfortable." He stated in his usual calm tone that was borderline monotonous. "What did you see that has you so afraid, Erica?"

Aura silently watched Ikarus, her odd left ear twitching and listening for anything that might come after them.


Kye snapped the barrel of his pistol back into place and grinned. "Always ready, Captain." He said before smacking Aurora on the ass. "Can't wait to see you showing off that flexibility of yours, sis."

Scarlet rolled her eyes at the twins and just sat in a chair, letting out a frustrated sigh. She did not want to sit around all day with the two girls. It was not that she had issue with Luna or Synia. All the pinkette wanted was to figure out the truth behind all of these odd occurances and get Ikarus to her boss.

Though, she was starting to believe that would never happen. A part of her just wanted to toss aside her badge and her title, just be another pirate and rebel.

Owl just smiled to Burke. "We'll find a way, Ken." She told him with a quick kiss to his cheek. "If I can get those security guns down, I can fix up ol' Miss Fortune easy."

Scarlet perked up at the mention of the guns. "I can probably find a way to those."

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