Not A Normal Town

Erica sighed heavily as the a chill went down her spine. "I keep seeing a tree. I don't understand why..." She watched Ikarus enter the house and bit her lip as she tried to keep the rising worry from overwhelming her.

In the house, Ikarus will soon find a woman on her knees sobbing.

"It was our fault... It was our... fault..." The woman turned to look at Ikarus and her eyes will be blood red. "Don't you see??? IT WAS OUR FAULT!" She screams, and then she charges at the immortal swordsman in a psychotic rage.


Owl just smiled to Burke. "We'll find a way, Ken." She told him with a quick kiss to his cheek. "If I can get those security guns down, I can fix up ol' Miss Fortune easy."

Burke smirked. "If anyone could get the wreck to fly it's you." He kissed her cheek and looked to Scarlet with curiosity. "That so? You really think you can get us in to those weapons?"

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