Off With Her Head

"We will figure it out, I am sure," Teeth reassured her before hearing the screaming from inside the house.

Ikarus' eyes went wide as he freed his sword and did a quick swipe at the woman's neck, sending her head flying. Stepping to the side, he let the body rush out the door where it stumbled to the ground, neck gushing blood. "The fuck was that all about...?" He grunted.

Aura saw the body and frowned as she made her way to Ikarus. "We heard screaming." She informed him.

"Of course you did," The immortal replied as he looked to where the head landed, glaring at those red eyes that were still open. "She started screaming about it being their fault and charged at me."

"Did you really have to kill her?" Aura asked.

"To keep you safe, yes." He retorted sternly.


Scarlet nodded and gestured to a vent that was big enough for her lithe form to fit in. "I looked over the map and the vents lead to where those guns are being controlled." She explained with a frown. "If I can get there, I can shut it off."

Owl grimaced. "But can we really trust ya not to betray us?" She inquired.

"I want off this shithole too." Scarlet sighed.

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