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Summary: A strong willed leader of a small tribe

Guardian (Katrina)

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: Tribal member




Leadership, basic survival skills, living off the land, first aid, military experience

Background Story

Guardian was 27 when the first wave hit. She was enlisted as active duty in the American army and had two children, both boys. She was on a deployment in the middle easy when she caught the cold. Thinking it was minor, she was sent back to the states. That's when she gave her two sons and her husband the illness that killed them. She survived, though she wishes she hadn't. Despite her recent losses, she picked herself up and managed to save several lives and form a small tribe. Though she didn't want a position of leadership, all of her new friends look up to her as their leader and protector. They renamed her Guardian. Somewhere along the line, she met a sick pregnant woman. She was able to deliver the baby, but the mother died in birth. She is now raising the baby, who survived the plague.

Physical Appearance

Brown skin, soft golden brown eyes. Dark brown, curly messy hair. A wide nose with a narrow bridge, plump lips, square jawline, strong collar bones. 5' 8" 180 pounds

Personality and interests

Strong willed, resilient, brave, traumatized, caring, quick witted, smart, fast thinking, resourceful


Raising a baby that she delivered from a dying mother

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Image of Guardian (Katrina)
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