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Summary: Possessive, young, and alone until he was nursed back to health by Guardian

James Scott

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Group: Tribal member





Background Story

James lived in an apartment by himself and worked an average job that paid just slightly higher than minimum wage. He got sick and even had welts that threatened his life, but his will to lived was stronger than the virus. He heard a woman running through his building, calling out to any survivors in his area. With hardly enough energy to respond, he crawled out of his apartment and into the hallway where he met Guardian. Somehow, she managed to nurse him back to health. He was the first to join her on her journey of survival.

Physical Appearance

6'2" and lanky, small nose, serious golden eyes like an owl, scars on his right cheek. Blonde hair shaved on the sides but it's growing out. Thin eyebrows and a strong jawline

Personality and interests

Angry, reckless, protective, territorial


First one to join Guardian

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Image of James Scott
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