Image of Foxfoot

Summary: A tribal member that follows Guardian; quiet and fast and friendly


Gender: female

Age: 18

Group: Tribal member




Art; drawing, painting, cosplay, disguise; creative; innovative

Quiet; sneaky

Background Story

Foxfoot joined a group of bandits after her mother and younger sister died from the plague. She did what she could to survive, but was soon alone by even the bandits for her lack of ability to kill. That's when she ran into Guardian and James. She joined them and is currently learning basic first aid from Guardian and helping care for Hope. She got her name from Guardian because she couldn't remember her original name. After her mother died, Foxfoot got sick and the illness wiped her memory but left her alive.

Physical Appearance

Dyed blue hair, naturally curly and thick, an inch off her shoulders. Brown eyes, thick eyebrows, brown skin. 5' 3" flat stomach, thick thighs, small

Personality and interests

Caring and sweet; quiet; comforting; optimistic; likes to draw on anything she can; gentle; friendly; sensitive


her creativity helps her to be innovative and think quickly

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Image of Foxfoot
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