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Summary: Your death will be swift and painless... you're welcome.

Cyrus Riddell

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Gender: Male

Age: 32

Group: Bandit




Expert marksman
Expansive knowledge of low resource survival
Advanced physical fitness
Military training in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Powers: Cyrus can see infrared light and he has perfect hand eye coordination, which significantly enhances his reaction times. His lung capacity has doubled which increases his physical strength and stamina. (note: he is not superman, his strength has increased about 60% from where it was before. Say he bench press about 600lbs with effort.)

Background Story

Cyrus was a Army Ranger scout sniper for 6 years, after which he was recruited by the U.S. Marshal Service. Cyrus had been assigned to a specialized unit, tasked with protecting a team of geneticists as they attempted to cure the virus. Cyrus met the genetic profile of someone who would be naturally immune to the more advanced strains of the virus, however, despite all the experiments, the doctors were all infected and killed prior to Cyrus ever knowing for certain if he is immune to the virus, though he was injected with a concentrated viral load and never experienced any symptoms. After the breakdown of society, and his command structure, Cyrus used his skills to his own advantage; killing other survivors for resources, from half a mile away. Cyrus is willing to do whatever it takes to survive and ride out the storm. Or die in the process... whichever comes first.

Physical Appearance

Dark curly hair
Thick mustache with some stubble
Blue eyes
Muscular, athletic build.
Wears a black button down shirt and OD Green 5.11 tactical pants (part of his uniform, he only changes it to wash it)

Personality and interests

Cyrus used to play a lot of chess before the world went to shit, not particularly useful now. He was also an avid hunter, which makes sense given his abilities with a long range rifle. Cyrus loves music, particularly folk and older country music. He has a solar powered mp3 player which he uses to listen to all the old country greats. As for his personality, Cyrus enjoys being alone (perhaps due to borderline narcissistic personality disorder). He was with a group for a while, but they were all stupid and got themselves killed. Or at least... that's what he tells himself.


Cyrus has an Mk22 semiauto rifle and 5-25x56 scope, with a conversion kit, meaning he can use .30-06 Springfield cartridges or .300 norma magnum. Cyrus also carries a Kimber 1911 .45 ACP, although ammo for that is extremely difficult to come by, he only has two full magazines (16 rounds). Aside from his weapons, he carries a water bladder and a backpack which usually contains a zippo, a couple packs of cigarettes, some spam and socks. Cyrus always has clean socks.

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Image of Cyrus Riddell
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