Image of Lucile Reinhardt

Summary: A slightly insane chemist with Asperger Syndrome

Lucile Reinhardt

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Rogue




Observational, high attention to detail, sneaky, smart

Background Story

Lucile had a job working as a chemist in a lab working on classified projects. She was best friends with Katrina (Guardian) before the pandemic wiped out a large part of the human population. Once news had gotten out about the pandemic, Lucile upgraded her hazmat suit and refused to take it off. She locked down the lab and went as far as exterminating all survivors inside so there was no risk of herself coming in contact with the plague. She assumes Katrina is dead and has no contact with the outside world. She has slowly began to lose her sanity and is now hiding in a cupboard from intruders that have overran her lab.

Physical Appearance

Heterochromia; one eye is green while the other appears red - ginger - facial freckles - hair slightly past shoulders, typically tied back into a ponytail - 130 pounds - fit and 5' 2"

Personality and interests

growing paranoia; incredibly intelligent; has tics that developed in isolation; detachment of emotion; Asperger syndrome

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Image of Lucile Reinhardt
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