Attack Part 2


Having also noticed Xen's retreat, Whisper tried not to worry too much. He had given them little reason to mistrust him so far and the man seemed to be quite taken with Guardien already. Not to mention, he seemed to have a weakness for children and keeping them safe.

Sometimes, she wondered how she had become so lucky to meet such good people.

"I'm just happy to be alive so far...and with all of you." Whisper said with a kind smile that actually reached her eyes this time.


When Foxfoot's knife struck into his shoulder, Ron let out a pained grunt and grit his teeth. Just as he was grabbing onto the handle of the blade, he heard the growl. Turning his head in time, his eyes went wide as the wolf landed upon him, both going to the floor in a heap of fur and limbs.

A cry of pain was heard from the scuffle just as Xen entered the room and saw what was going on. "Him," was all he said as his eyes narrowed toward the red headed male being bitten and clawed by the large wolf.

It took a long moment, but Ron eventually kicked off the wolf and began to sit up, only to have a spear blade press against his neck. Blood was spilling from his fresh wounds. "What the hell?" He growled out, looking up toward the owner, toward Xen with hatred.

"I suggest you calm down," Xen suggested to the man before looking to Foxfoot and Alue. "Are you both okay?" He asked. "Is your wolf doing fine? That kick looked painful."

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