Escape and Aid


A look of concern entered his eyes as he kept his spear at Ronald's neck, but his attention was on the injured. Both Foxfoot and the wolf seemed to be severly injured and he wanted to help them. As a man that was once a father, he felt that familiar tug to protect those younger than him.

"Alue, stay ba-!!" He began, but pain shot through his left leg as a machete stabbed right through his flesh. A grunt of pain escaped him as he attempted to stay standing and tries to swipe at the red head with his spear.

Avoiding the swipe, Ronald jerked out Foxfoot's knife from his shoulder and let out a snarl before rushing to the nearest window. Keeping distance between himself and Alue, he reached the window and looked back at them. "I'm keepin' this," He seethed, holding up the knife before hopping out and landing hard on the ground below.

After a moment, he rushed off out of the small town.

Whisper found the group in time to see Ron hop out the window and familiar fear spilled through her. "James..." She whispered before noticing the three injured and rushing over to Foxfoot and Shadow. "James, get Guardian!" She cried out, trying to help Foxfoot stay up.

Her fear could be dealt with later. For now, there were more important things to be concerned with.

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