James saw Whisper freeze for a moment upon seeing the stranger.... and somehow, he just knew that was the man that scarred her. A strong feeling of anger and hatred rushed through him and turned his blood ice cold. Suddenly all he could hear was his own heart beat drumming throughout his entire body as he looked around. The gentle and sweet wolf lay on the ground, whining and hurt; a soft and kind teenager was bleeding from her head and was left unconscious, and the woman carrying his child looked at that man with more fear than he had seen anyone have in his life. Before he had time to process everything, his feet carried him in the direction of the red haired bastard. He jumped from the window, rolling on the ground to catch his fall and wasting no time to jump up and sprint after the man. He was going to chase this man down if it was the very last thing he ever did.


Guardian heard commotion and dropped everything in her hands before running in the direction of Whispers voice. "I'm here, what the Hell happened?!" She yelled, sliding to a stop at the door. She quickly assessed the situation, she was trained to process information quickly and respond within seconds of disaster. She ran to the wolf first to look for any obvious injuries as she spoke to Whisper and Xen; "What the Hell just happened?!"

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