Facing It


The pain in his shoulder was immense and it did not help that the wolf had injured more than just the arm it had been biting down on. Parts of his pants and shirt were torn where claws dug in and cut at him, but it was nothing too deep. The worst pain was in his shoulder.

Glancing back, he did note James coming after him and snorted before entering a nearby forest. "Come get me, boy." He grunted as he kept moving, knowing something wasn't right. Ever since the arrow had been shot into him over a month ago, he had been off, had been more exhausted.

Gasping as he finally stopped by a tree, he looked back again. Letting out a huff, he tightened his grip on the knife he had decided to keep hold of. "Fine...come at me." He growled.


Xen gritted his teeth as he gripped onto the handle of the machete and pulled it from his leg. A short cry of pain escaped him as he dropped the weapon to the floor and looked over to Alue. "The wolf and girl were injured by a red haired man." He explained and ripped off part of his shirt. Using it to wrap up his injured leg, he frowned.

Whisper was gentle with Foxfoot, taking care to cradle her way as to not cause more harm. "James..." She whimpered, praying he would be safe as she used her jacket to cushion the blue haired girl's head. "It was him...he...he..." The words would not leave her properly.

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