Trained for Injuries


Guardian closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. She believed that getting oxygen to the brain in times of high tension and stress aided in critical thinking. After a moment, she began to gently press on the bruised area where the wolf had been kicked. "He has trauma to the area, more than likely a cracked rib. There's already a good amount of bruising, which implies there's internal bleeding as well. I'll have to perform surgery to fix the rib and ensure the lung isn't punctured. I don't hear any wheezing and his pulse is good, so my guess is that other than a broken rib, Shadow's going to pull through." She pat the wolfs head softly before moving on to Fox. She parted the girls hair in every direction, searching for any large wounds. "Any damage Fox has is going to be internal, in other words... there's not much we can do for her. None of us are brain surgeons. She has a laceration that could use some stitching, but it won't save her life. We'll have to monitor her and hope for the best." She placed the jacket back under the blue haired girls head and faced Xen. She pulled out her first aid kit from her bag that she had carried into the room with her; "I'm going to need to fix that leg if you don't want to lose it."


James saw red as he watched the man turn around. James carried no weapons on him, so he turned to brute force to show this man exactly why he shouldn't have messed with women or his family. Putting his arm up as a guard, James slammed into the red haired man and brought him to the ground. With no real target, he began throwing punches at random with every bit of force he had. Feeling the flesh of this man underneath his fists fueled his hatred only that much more. James grabbed the man by his shirt and slammed his head into the ground; "It was you, wasn't it?! You hurt her! You scarred her and you took every little thing that you could!" He then lowered him self so that his face was mere centimeters from the mans face; "You're nothing but a sick, sadistic rapist.. and a coward. Only a little bitch would lay his hands on a woman so much smaller than him. You got something to prove?" He stood up, yanking the man to his feet as he went. He then swung the man into a tree and let him fall; "Get up man." He said before wiping spit and sweat from his mouth. "What kind of bitch has to rape a woman to feel like a man? You're pathetic."

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