Just A Monster


His concern was so high for the younger tribe members that he almost did not hear what Guardian said, let along register it. The words slowly sunj in and, with a pained sigh, he pulled the scrap of fabric away from the wound to allow the woman access to his injury. With a quick and rough motion of both hands, he tore Way the pants leg just above the wound and pushed the fabric away.

"I understand," He said in a stiff voice before looking to Alue. "Try to stay calm and relax him. It will help you both."

Digging in a pocket of his jacket, he pulled out an old toothbrush with the brush head missing. Offering Guardian a pained smile, he said, "I've had to tend to my own injuries before..."

With that said, he bit down on the toothbrush handle.


Gently petting the top of Foxfoot's head, thumb stroking along her forehead, Whisper hummed a soft lullaby from her childhood. It was one of The rare things in her life that had been a great comfort and she prayed it would help the blue haired girl.


Taking every hit, Ron simply endured until he was thrown against the tree. After falling to the ground he slowly got back to his feet and wiped blood from his mouth and nose, paying little attention to the crimson color now coating his arm. The Punches would leave bruises all over him, but he cared little of it. The pain was, after all, a hard reminder that he was still alive.

Green eyes devoid of emotion gazed at James. "Man?" He inquired in a tired voice. "Nah, I ain't no man, pretty boy." A shallow chuckle followed as he lifted his hand and held up Foxfoot's knife, blade pressed firmly between his fingers until fresh blood was dripping past his fingers.

"I'm just a monster." He stated.

It was what they called him all his life as he grew up with an unexplainable violent nature. He took sick pleasure in hurting women, which had gotten him locked in prison for a few years. For a while, after he got out, he was doing good - taking meds, keeping chill, and just working. But then this damn plague hit and he was on his own all over again.

The monster had surfaced again and Whisper had been right there in front of him that day when he could not hold back anymore.

"Gonna make me suffer fer what I done to yer pretty little girl?" He asked James with another chuckle. "She was quite tha screamer..."

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