Back story (NSFW content)


Upon hearing the disgusting, taunting words fall from Ronalds lips, James blacked out entirely as an animalistic instinct took control of his body. The image of Whisper lying on the ground, naked and bloodied and wounded, replayed in his head like a horror movie. Flashes of his past that he had long forgotten began to flood his mind

===flash back===

"Dad! STOP! Take your hands off of her!" The young 6 year old James screamed as he swung wildly at his drunken father. He attempted to pull his father off of his mother who lay on the ground in a puddle of blood motionless, clothes tattered. The 6 foot tall man turned his attention to his son and in his drunken stupor, he lifted the young boy into the air and threw him into a wall with all of his force.

====present time===

James came back to reality and pulled away from the red haired man quickly and gasped for air as his vision blurred into present day again. He rubbed his golden eyes in an attempt to adjust faster before speaking to the man; "I would kill you.." He drew in a deep breath as he spoke; "But your death is not my right. It's hers. So if you survive your well deserved wounds, I wouldn't come back near my family. I will hold you down with every bit of strength I have and let her cut your throat out."


Guardian motioned for Whisper to come and hold Xen steady. She began cleaning and suturing his wound with care. "You're lucky the machete is as sharp as it is. I won't have to cut away any flesh at all to suture it. He missed all major arteries too. Consider yourself lucky." As she finished, she stood up to face him directly. "It should heal well if you stay off of it and keep it elevated. We'll take good care of you. I'm sorry that your first night with us has started this way. I should've been more attentive." She looked at the ground for a moment as the disappointment in herself set in.

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