It Happens


The entire time Ronald simply gazed at James with emotionless eyes and tilted his head to the side. A frown was on his face, mind recalling that day when he had hurt Whisper so badly. A tiny part, that little sliver of humanity left deep inside of him where the medication had been doing its damn job, had felt guilty and sorry for what he had done.

"I'd let her..." The words left his mouth before he could stop them and a hand swiped out as if he were trying to snatch them from the air. What was wrong with him? He was a monster, not some flimsy little bitch that would let a girl cut him up.

Letting out a sudden snarl, he pushed from the tree. "I'm not scared of you or that little bitch." He growled out the words before spitting blood at the ground. "I catch her alone again and I'll make her scream your fucking name."


After helping Guardian with Xen, the brunette was back to Foxfoot and trying to figure out if there was anything she could do. This girl was a friend and sister to Whisper. She could not lose her, could not lose any of the people she had grown so close to.

"I'm sorry..." She whispered softly.


Frowning, Xen shook his head and grabbed up his spear. Standing it upright a d using it as a staff of sorts, he got to his feet and leaned on the uninjured leg. "This kind of thing could happen anywhere, Guardian." He explained calmly. "I'm more concerned about the others anyway..." His eyes glanced over the others, only to stop on Alue. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

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