"I don't think you should be helping anyone but yourself. I'll help you to where you're sleeping tonight and I'll prop your foot, then you need to rest. I'll work on Shadow throughout the night and I'll have Whisper help. Alue is too attached and if there's complications, I want to be able to focus. I'll put Fox in my room tonight so I can watch her after working in Shadow." Guardian packed her medical equipment back into her bag and placed it next to the injured wolf. "Watch this for me for a bit. Ill be right back to help." She said softly, placing a gentle kiss on the wolfs muzzle. She then approached Xen and wrapped his arm around her shoulders in order to help him walk. "Ready?"

James watched Ron's behavior change for a split second. He knew now, he had leverage. James grinned mischievously before taunting the red haired man. "You feel guilty. Not only do you feel guilty for the sins you've committed.. but you hate that even just the slightest bit of you is human enough to feel bad for her." He snickered and leaned against a tree nonchalantly as if he hadn't just been beating this man a minute ago; "And I bet you feel so pathetic for feeling guilt." He voice suddenly went deep as the next words rolled from his lips like a venomous snake bite "did your mother try to beat the human out of you? I bet you hate that she failed to scrape out the last bit of humanity. You're nothing but a scared little boy."

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