With a grunt of discomfort, Xen attempted to keep most of his weight off Guardian. "Ready," He said calmly in his deep voice, offering worried glances to the injured before they left the room.

Once Guardian got him to the room she had given him earlier, the man sat with a sigh. "Thank you," He told her with a kind smile that almost reached his eyes. "I apologize for the trouble. I'm accustomed to injuries like this, sadly."

He looked toward the doorway for a moment. "I should be fine if you wish to go attend to the wolf and the blue haired youngster." He said while rubbing at the back of his own neck.


She kept silent, watching over Foxfoot, Alue, and Shadow. Her heart broke for all three of them because she felt there was nothing she could do. Their only real medic was Guardian and she was unsure where James had gone. She just prayed everything would go in a much better direction now.


Freezing, the red head bit back a growl and turned anger filled green eyes on James. "You shut your mouth about my mother!" He roared. "That woman died to--!!" Stopping himself from revealing too much, he slammed a fist against the tree behind him. The knife, still gripped tightly between his fingers fell to the ground at his feet. Blood coated the blade and even the handle in crimson.

Shaking his head, Ron forced back old memories trying to resurface. "I am no child, brat!" He seethed and started toward James, only for everything to finally catch up with him. His body was exhausted from his long travel and enduring the beating from James earlier.

It was no surprise that he went falling to the ground.

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