The stubborn woman shook her head as she began piling a few pillows at rhe end of the mans bed and placing new sheets over the mattress. "I'll go help them in just a bit." She said as she worked. "Lay down and rest your leg. Accustomed or not, that leg isn't going to heal on sheer will power." She smiled softly and helped him to lay down. "Yell for me if you need anything. I'll have Alue check on you hourly." She left to create a makeshift surgery table that she'd work on the injured wolf on.


James sneered at the man and walked to stand over his body. "I'm glad your mom died. A life for a life. That's karma asshole " He said surprisingly calm before putting all of his energy into a forceful kick to the stomach. He then grabbed fox's knife and started back home, knowing Whisper must be worried.

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