Rest and Return


He wanted to be stubborn and insist Guardian allow him to help, but her obvious stubborn nature got him to cave in and lie down upon the bed. Letting out a heavy sigh, all he could think about now was the past year. This woman reminded him of his wife before she died giving birth to the daughter he lost to this plauge. It made his heart ache to think of his deceased daughter, but at least she was no longer in pain.

Alue, that kind white haired girl with her beloved wolf, reminded him of his daughter in too many ways. It made him feel the need to keep her safe.

For now, as much as he did not want to, he would obey Guardian. Xen had the feeling she could get scary when angered.


Green eyes could only watch as James left, arms wrapping around his pained middle. If he had finished that sentence, he would know that there had never been a mother int he red head's life. She had died giving birth to him, leaving him to a nightmare of a father.

It was too late for that, though. Ron had done his damage to Whisper and made enemies out of these people. His only choice at the moment was to get up and get moving. There was always a need to get to shelter before dark, before the worst of the people would come crawling out of their holes.

Sure, Ron was a bad man with a bad reputation, but he was nothing like those that roamed at night. The world was far more cruel than it had been before the plague and he was not willing to be a victim due to his weakened body.

So, forcing himself to his feet, Ronald got moving.


Blue eyes constantly glanced out the window as she adjusted the shirt she wore. It was comfortable since it belonged to James, but it could not mitigate her worry for him. He had left behind his bow and was only armed with his fists at the moment. "Come back safe," She whispered softly, looking to her other companions once more.

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