As hours passed, Guardian began her surgery on Shadow with her very limited supplies. She was able to fix the rib, as it was a minor break and the bone had miraculously missed all vital organs. As she finished sewing the wound, she spoke to Whisper "Go check on Fox, Xen, Hope, and Alue please. Hope should still be asleep but I want to make sure she is okay." She paused for a moment before turning to make eye contact; "And Whisper, I know James well. He will return home safely. His anger can carry him long distances before he realizes he even left."


James broke into a sprint upon the realization that sun rays began to peak over the horizon. He had been gone all night and no one knew where he was. Eventually he came to the doors which remained locked. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door with his sore, bloodied fists. Luckily, the blood covering his hands and arms was not his own, but the pain in his wrists and hands had become hard to ignore

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