Home Part 2


Nodding, Whisper brushed back a lock of her wild brown curls and made her way to go check on Hope first. Finding the child awake, she did all she could to calm her with kind motherly actions and silly little coos, even changing her diaper with what little they had.

After making sure Hope was comfortable again, the brunette started to head off to find Alue and Foxfoot when she heard the knock. Heart almost skipping a beat, she gripped onto the bow she always kept with her no matter where she was and went to check who it was.

Hesitantly, she pressed a hand to the door for a long moment. What if it was not James? What if it had been that monster, Ron? No, she would not believe that James could be defeated by such a pathetic monster.

So, letting out a deep breath, she opened the door.

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