Home pt3


James stood silent in the doorway for a moment after Whisper had opened the door. Eventually, he drew in a very need deep breath before gathering her in his arms and gently placing his lips on her forehead; "I'm sorry I just left like that. I should've been there for you, I have no excuse." He could've brought up how he didn't even realize what he was doing until he was already running after Ronald, or he could've brought up that he wanted nothing more than to get justice for her, but he knew what he did was inexcusable and decided that it's best for himself and Whisper both if he owned up to his mistake. "Please forgive me for leaving you after everything that had happened." He spoke softly, as he was exhausted.


Guardian finished suturing the wound and hoisted the wolf off of the table and onto a makeshift bed that she had made in the private room she had performed the surgery in. She filled a bowl with fresh water that she had got from the store, and another bowl with the rest of the stew from dinner. She then gently ran her fingers through the wolfs fur; "Thank you for everything you've done for all of us. We'll all be waiting for you to wake up." She then began to walk the hallways to check on Xen and Fox.

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