Guardian turned to the doorway to see James and Whisper walk by together, talking too quiet for her to hear. She immediately stood up and walked over, leaning her shoulder against the door frame; "Yeah I don't think so. You're going to tell me what happened and then you're going to go outside where the extra gallons of water are and wash all that blood off of you." She talked sternly, as she was upset that James had not only left without any hesitation in a time of need, but that he returned and said nothing to her. He began to respond but she put her hand up, a simple demand for him to shut up; "You could've been seriously hurt for all I know. For all ANY of us know. So unless you've got some serious injuries, get talking and then march your ass outside and wash off."


After being caught and reprimanded by Guardian the first time, James started to speak in hopes to apologize. In turn, he only set her off that much more. He had to suppress a small chuckle and smile though. Guardian was rarely ever cross with anyone she cared deeply for, but when she was, it was because she was scared. He simply nodded in response after allowing her to finish her rant. "Yes ma'am. I'm sorry that I left the way that I did. I don't have any solid excuse that would make that situation better. So, I'm sorry. The blood isn't mine though, it belongs to the red haired bastard that hurt everyone. I let my anger get the best of me again."

Guardian took in a deep breath and pressed her tongue to the side of her cheek inside her mouth in annoyance. "Did you kill him?"

James shook his head; "No ma'am. He isn't my kill. Though I can't guarantee he'll get too far with the injuries he sustained."

The brown haired woman tapped her foot on the ground before straightening her posture; "You're lucky you came back safe and unharmed. If you'd come back to us injured, I would've nursed you back to health just to smack the Hell out of you." She took a moment before rolling her eyes; "I'm glad you're okay James. Please don't scare me like that. Don't scare ANY of us like that."

James walked over and hugged Guardian, which was a rare occurrence. But he knew the stress got to her and she more than likely needed some kind of physical reassurance that he really was okay. "I'm going to go get washed up then... mom" He said teasingly. Guardian responded by grabbing her shoe, threatening to throw it at him. He chuckled and turned to Whisper; "I'm going to go outside then, I guess. Do you want to come with me?"

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