Motherly Nature


Using her hand to hide the smile, Whisper could not help but giggle at Guardian's scolding. Yes, it was a serious situation, but it was always nice to see the motherly side slip out of their tribe leader. The woman always tried to appear calm, collected, and tough, but she also had a very caring and motherly nature. This was something the little brunette loved about Guardian very much.

When James asked about going outside, Whisper nodded as she dropped her hand. "Of course," She answered and adjusted the shirt she was still wearing. It was the one they had all noticed her in earlier. "I can help make sure you get it all off. When we go to bathe again, I'll be sure to wash off your clothes, too."

Gently grabbing James' arm, she gently pulls him outside.


Once the couple are gone, Xen let out a chuckle from where he was lying down. "You really are a mother to them." He comments and shifts slightly to get more comfortable. "How are the others, by the way?"

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