Once outside, James stripped off his hoodie and shirt, revealing his own hidden scars. He had various scars, one near his rib cage stood out as it was still a purplish color from healing. Small cigarette burn scars spaced themselves out on his arms and collar bones and larger, more deformed scars hid themselves on his back. It'd only been a few months since the last time he and his father fought, but he had already almost forgotten. James picked up one of the gallons of water, wincing slightly from the pain in his wrists and knuckles.


Guardian rolled her eyes "I don't think I'm I'm that bad. But I think maternal instincts just come in naturally for me. After I lost my daughter and husband in the plague, I felt completely lost. When I delivered Hope, I promised her dying mother that I'd care for her as if she were my own. That night, I brought Hope home with me and everyone immediately fell in love. I regained my sense of family. So I guess I can get a little motherly with them. They're so young, and I want to protect them. I couldn't protect my first family." She reminisced as she spoke softly. A familiar sad smile spread across her lips.

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