Noticing James wince, Whisper walks over and helps with the gallon of water by gently taking it from him. "You did hurt yourself," She comments, glancing over all of his scars and the fresh bruising. Her heart breaks for him every time she sees these scars, for she knows he must have had as bad of a past as her. "Sit down and I'll clean you off."

She's already pulling an old piece of fabric from a pocket and starting to dampen it before he can protest. When James sits, Whisper is very gentle as she works to get all of the blood off. A light blush crosses her face as it finally hits her that this is the first time she has done such a thing for someone else. It's so much more special due to it being James, too.

"We'll have Guardian check your wrists and hands when we get back." She says, noting fresh bruises along his knuckles. She was trying to distract herself from gazing too long at his partial nudity. "I hope you didn't break anything, love."

That is when her face flushes darkly. Had she really just said that?


He recognized the look in Guardian's almost immediately and let out a heavy sigh as he looked away to hide the pain in his own eyes. He could still see his daughter in her final moments, tears streaming down her face. "I understand your pain," He stated as he recalled the last words his daughter ever spoke. "We should try to focus on the now and the future, though. The past is just that...the past."

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